What Makes Polyester So Darn Printable for Bags and Cases?

Aug 1, 2023 | News

TVF carries lots of very printable, very durable polyester textiles. But why is polyester so printable for end-uses like bags and cases?

Durability is your friend. Bags and cases must stand up to a lot of use and abuse. The rugged nature of so many of our bag, case, and cover-appropriate polyester fabrics plays to printers’ advantages. Less fading and less fraying means messaging remains on the durable surface longer.

DWR is A-OK. Some of our hottest-selling polyesters that are best suited for bags and cases (insert hyperlink to other article about best-selling printable polys) feature a durable water repellent (DWR) coating. Your printed words and images stand a better chance of lasting longer when water channeled away from the surface.

Polyester keeps its color. One advantage polyester fabric offers is its ability to maintain its color over time. Words, logos, and images that are dye sublimation paper transfer printed (or in some cases screen printed) onto polyester cases or packs should look better longer, because the printed surface will look better longer.

Dye-sub is dandy. The most common printing method for polyester printing is dye sublimation paper transfer. Since the inks or dyes are infused into the polyester material’s fibers through this technique, results aren’t susceptible to crocking the way other printing technologies may be. To learn more about polyester, the TVF Resource Center has a trove of practical information on the synthetic yarn.

Three best-selling, high-performing polyester fabrics we’d recommend as a starting place for your next bag, case, or cover work include: 600 Denier Magnatuff® Polyester, 200 Denier Textured Polyester Oxford, and CORDURA® HP.

From the familiar to the hard-to-find, we can help your projects work smoothly. Talk with our savvy Sales Team today.