High-Speed, No Problem: Printable Banner Fabric Glides Through Wide Format Jobs

Aug 16, 2023 | News

TVF’s 5.75 oz. FrameTex 7188GUF is a high-speed printing-compatible solution for not only banners but also frame systems. The difference is the specially-developed GUF coating from Georg+Otto Friedrich in Germany. Images will stand out brilliantly on widths of up to three meters when printed with latex inks and up to five meters when UV printers are used on FrameTex 7188GUF.

Our FrameTex 7188GUF features an open-knit construction that delivers an excellent-handling, breathable material. Though not officially a blockout fabric, this flame retardant polyester possesses exceptional opacity. FrameTex 7188GUF’s premium consistency allows printers to run jobs at higher speeds, saving time and money.

Curious about the capabilities of this next generation print media textile? Contact TVF’s Sales Team today.