TVF and Georg + Otto Friedrich: A Match Made from Quality

Apr 24, 2023 | News

Known globally for its uncompromising quality and known in print shops for its exceptional consistency and printability, Georg+Otto Friedrich exudes the word “premium.” G+O is not only the pioneer of high-quality print media textiles, but for 70 years, the Germany-based manufacturer has set the global standards that all others continue to follow. 

At TVF, we often refer to them as “High Definition Textiles,” so let’s dive into what makes the print media materials produced by Georg+Otto Friedrich and delivered by TVF the mark of excellence: 

G+O leads with innovation. Digital printing technology is evolving at break-neck speeds: from ink formulations to machinery to the size and width of printable substrates. G+O builds and maintains close relationships with the world’s finest equipment manufacturers to ensure that the fabric they make (and we supply to you) will print brilliantly on your machine. G+O’s textiles are held in such high regard, they are the go-to choice for demonstrations and testing by the most reputable equipment manufacturers in the world.  

Another way G+O stands tall on innovation is in its production of five-meter-wide printable textiles. The company is so heavily invested in wide format printing materials, it created a first-of-its-kind, state-of-the-art five-meter finishing plant. “Our customers come to us for five-meter-wide, high-quality fabrics that are compatible with their cutting-edge machines,” says Jeff Nonte, TVF’s vice president of print media sales. “Because of our strong partnership with G + O, we are able to connect the dots with our customers on solutions to print perfectly on their machines at the sizes they need – all while continually adding new styles for different applications.” 

Quality is number one… by a mile. G+O never fails to emphasize its quality – and for good reason. They set the bar globally for consistency, surpassing other options in attributes like a low number of flaws, predictable and consistent stretch and brilliant white point. This extraordinary level of consistency provides a high level of confidence for printers – consistent shrinkage, more vivid color, and fewer textile nuances, all culminating in premium printability. “To maintain these high-quality standards,” Nonte says, “G+O has to be consistent in all of these different areas and more, and that all comes back to their attention to detail and how they manufacture and orchestrate their entire process from start to finish.” 

Astounding amount of end-uses. The G+O selection we carry is impressive. If quality is your overriding priority, we can connect you with a textile from G+O that will meet your needs. You can explore around two dozen G+O options on Customers using G+O can be reassured the results will match the intention of any job any time. 

Dedicated to sustainability. Increasingly, customers are interested in their environmental impact. It is uncommon for manufacturers of any stripe to include sustainability in the pillars of their corporate values, but G+O does. The company’s Going Green by Friedrich initiative includes detailed commitments to the environment and resources involving purchasing, production, products, environmental management, and recycling. 

Is G+O the right choice for your precise print media needs? Find out through a conversation with our Sales Team