Backlit Fabric

Product Features
Flame Retardant Finish1
OEKO-TEX Certified5
Polyester Knit3
REACH Certified7
Woven Polyester1
Color Family
Fabric Type
Polyester Fabric11
Dye Sub Performance1
Flame Retardant11
Latex Performance1
NFPA 70111
OEKO-TEX Compliant5
ROHS & REACH Compliant7
Printer Compatibility
Direct Disperse Printer7
Dye Sublimation Paper Transfer8
Eco-Solvent Printer2
Latex Durable Textile3
Latex Printer5
UV Printer4
Fabric Width
up to 122"1
up to 124"2
up to 126"6
up to 199"2

We Know Backlit Fabric

TVF is a leading supplier of backlit fabric. Quality lightbox materials display high-definition images and diffuse light on a smooth surface. Backlit polyester fabrics come in breathable, flame-retardant options to prevent overheating displays. Specially coated Prism™ fabrics feature a high-tech weave that filters light while eliminating pinpoints and hotspots. Choose between backlit fabrics with an attractive sheen or a modern matte finish to suit a range of print media applications. Contact us today to learn more about the backlit fabric solutions we can provide for you.