They’re Great…They’re Under the Radar…They’re TVF Secret Fabrics

Jun 5, 2023 | News

TVF is well-known for carrying THE fabric you need for virtually any apparel application. Dig a little deeper into our collection and you’ll come across some selections that we like to think of as unsung heroes. While not top-of-mind, these “secret” fabrics impeccably serve their roles and perform beautifully for their purpose…

8 oz. Minky Deluxe is the epitome of cozy. This long pile fabric features a super-soft, supple hand that’s fluffy, silky, and extremely printable. Minky Deluxe has so many uses, including blankets, pillows, plush kids toys, baby booties, dog toys, scarves, hats, and comfy liners for boots and coats.

3.4 oz. Poly Challis offers that traditional rayon look and feel but in a less pilling and far more washable form. This vibrant polyester will make Hawaiian-style shirts, dresses, blouses, resort wear, scarves, and apparel patterns pop. Poly Challis features a soft hand and a flowy and drapey fit.

TVF’s organic cotton fabrics are not pre-treated and can be dyed. 3.8 oz. Organic Sateen is GOTS certified. From apparel uses like shirts, blouses, dresses, and bedding to a variety of quilting and crafting applications, this woven is phenomenally versatile. 6.3 oz. Organic Cotton Interlock is Made in USA and printable with pigment print. This super soft fabric is ideal for tops and bottoms, athleisure, and baby blankets.

2.2 oz. Polyester Satin is very fashionable with a supremely silky hand.  Great for uses ranging from liners, jackets, and women’s tops to costumes, costume pieces like capes, and accents on dancewear. The trilobal yarn provides the brilliant shine and silk-like feel, and keeps our 2.2 oz. Polyester Satin dye sublimation paper-printable.

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