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Troubleshooting Print Ghosting

Troubleshooting Print Ghosting


Design smears and creates shadow or blurry askew effect.

Why does print ghosting occur?

  • Transfer paper slips on fabric while running through the heat press/calender.

  • Fabric was not properly heat set at the mill stage.

TVF works closely with our mills to heat fabrics for dye-sublimation at approximately 390° F, which effectively pre-shrinks the fabrics to prepare it for printing.

Quick Fixes For Print Ghosting

  • Ensure transfer paper and fabric are being fed tightly through the heat press/calender.

  • If the issue continues, advise the customer to use tack transfer paper.Tack paper has a lightly coated adhesive that keeps paper from slipping when transferring from paper.

  • Re-heat set fabric by running it through the heat press/calender prior to printing.