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Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302

What is the FMVSS 302?

The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302 (FMVSS 302) addresses burn resistance for automotive interior materials. Adopted in 1971, the standard prevents and reduces vehicle fire burn injuries by increasing a person’s evacuation time.

Any material within half an inch of the occupant compartment air space must meet the standard including seat cushions, visors, wheel housing covers, and convertible tops.

How is the FMVSS 302 test conducted?

The FMVSS 302 test is conducted inside a burn chamber with the sample mounted horizontally. The sample is inserted into two matching U-shaped frames. If the flame goes out in this test before reaching the start line marked two inches from the flame, the sample passes. The maximum rate of burn allowed to pass this test is 4 inches (102 mm) per minute. The flame does not have to extinguish to pass the test as long as it meets the burn rate requirement.