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What is the Canvas Products Association International 84?

The Canvas Products Association International 84 (CPAI-84) standard is important for outdoor event organizers. Whether an outdoor wedding with candles, a meal prepared on an outdoor grill, or a night in the woods, tents must be made in material that avoids catching fire and slows its spread to give people ample escape time.

The Canvas Products Association International (now known as the Industrial Fabrics Association International) sets the fire safety standard for recreational tentage, including structures like camping tents, awnings, dining flies, and add-a-rooms.

The CPAI-84 test procedure is very similar to the California State Fire Marshal Title 19 test. It does not ensure that a fabric is flame retardant. It is a test method for evaluating the flame resistance of fabrics and other materials such as plastic sheeting.

Meeting the standard requires tent materials average an after-flame time of less than two seconds. Drips must self-extinguish and mass loss generally should be below 5%.

How is the CPAI-84 test conducted?

Three sets of four samples (two warp and two fill) are tested in a vertical flame test after conditioning according to the standard. Four samples are tested in the original state (Initial). Four are soaked in water for 72 hours, then tested. Four are put in an accelerated weathering chamber for 100 hours, then tested. The flame is applied for 12 seconds. Almost all of TVF’s fabrics are tested to Initial CPAI-84. Time for flame to extinguish, residual flame time, and damaged length are all recorded.