Unusual Application Series: Water-Resistant, Printable Fabric

Mar 16, 2023 | News

The first thing that might come to mind for durable outdoor textiles is vinyl. But if you really want the look, the high-quality printability, and the texture of fabric, TVF’s 8.4 oz. Deko-Tex 7048SUN checks the boxes. PVC-free and environmentally-friendly, 8.4 oz. Deko-Tex 7048SUN’s traditional outdoor uses include tents, canopies, awnings, and umbrellas, signage, and flags.

Which characteristics make it such a superb substrate for these applications?

  1. Printable… What’s the point of an eye-catching graphic, logo, or QR code if it doesn’t actually catch the eye of a customer? Not all materials are equally printable. 8.4 oz. Deko-Tex 7048SUN not only reproduces crisp images that hold up through the rigors of wear and tear, but it’s also compatible with direct disperse, dye sublimation paper transfer, latex, and UV printing. And the image quality? Stunning.
  2. Waterproof… The elements aren’t the only things the material and printed image are standing up to. They must be able to survive cleaning, hitting the floor, and perhaps most challenging of all… messy children!
  3. Rugged… From cleaning to scratching to bending during application, 8.4 oz. Deko-Tex 7048SUN will take a beating and still look phenomenal.

Got a thought on an end-use that could benefit from a heavy duty, waterproof fabric substrate that also looks great when printed? Talk with an expert at TVF or request a sample.