Unusual Applications: Air Ducts Made from Fabric

Mar 13, 2023 | News

When you have been in textiles as long as TVF, you come across use cases over the years that go way beyond the material’s original intent. Fabric air ducts, sometimes referred to by other names like flexible air ducts, are among those instances that showcase the sort of “sky’s the limit” versatility of textiles.

The advantages of using vinyl laminated polyester (like our 10 oz. product) are as varied as the structures where they’re used, which include gyms and aquatic centers, distribution and manufacturing hubs, theaters, offices, retail, and more.

When vinyl laminated polyester is used for the construction of airducts, it needs to be flexible to fit the space and must be durable, flame retardant, mildew resistant, strong, lightweight, and able to stand up to heat and cold temperatures. The material and the rigging needed to fasten the ducting is also a significantly smaller resource investment than traditional aluminum or steel ducting. The ducting comes in a range of shapes and diffusive patterns to deliver heated air, cooled air, or ventilation in a wide array of ways.

Have any questions about other outside-the-box uses for textiles? Reach out to us to start a conversation or request a sample any time.