Prints for SEG Frame Systems are Hot and Could Boost Your Business

Nov 21, 2023 | News

As the print media industry reflects on PRINTING United Expo 2023, it’s clear that SEG framing systems continue to be heavily in-demand. TVF offers a wide array of printable fabrics – backlit to frontlit, blackback (blockout) to black-colored fabric (non-printable), and stretch to liners – that are expertly spec’ed for fit your current or future SEG systems.

Three of our most popular SEG system-ready fabrics include:

7.5 oz. Flash 8087PGFS… a backlit that is wrinkle resistant and available in both three- and five-meter-wide rolls.

7.1 oz. Deko-Stretch 8484GFS… an ultra-dependable polyester/elastane stretch fabric that features uniform stretch in both directions.

8.0 oz. Deko-Tex Blockout 7255BBFS… a blackback with excellent elasticity and softness for dye sublimation printing. This German-made fabric is highly-consistent for precision prints and will fit correctly the first time for jobs with quick turnarounds. (Email us for more information and a sample).

TVF provides print media textiles for your individual end-use and five decades of expertise to help grow your business. Reach out to our Print Media Sales Team today.