Tried and True: Two Top Coatings for Cotton Duck

Nov 20, 2023 | News

Call it what you will – “duck,” “duck cloth,” or “duck canvas” – cotton duck is the tightly-woven, heavyweight cotton fabric with a high thread count that has been a mainstay in the industrial world for ages. Two of the most common coatings requested by industrial customers to enhance the characteristics of this tough material are Canvak® and Pyrosnuff®. Each ready the cotton duck for their own rugged uses and applications can be customized for your unique needs.

Canvak® is a reliable, familiar waterproofing and mildew resistant coating with a heritage that dates to World War II. The waxed paraffin coating is most commonly applied to cotton duck that will be used for truck and multi-purpose tarps, agricultural covers, and construction covers.

Pyrosnuff® also provides water- and mildew resistance, but with additional flame resistant properties that serve as irreplaceable safety barriers in shops, road projects, and more. Its primary end-uses include hot asphalt and welding curtains, but the wide-ranging properties of Pyrosnuff® may be a fit for additional solutions.

The TVF Resource Center features a deeper look at cotton duck and walks you through its properties, its history, and details about what the numbers before cotton duck types mean.