Designers: Expand Your Offerings with Bold, Vibrant Wallcoverings

Jun 5, 2023 | News

Scour the major home décor sites and you’ll find a common thread the wallcovering trendsetters continue to point toward: bold, brilliant patterns and colors. If you handle big interior design jobs, you might consider talking with a print and design shop – particularly one with UV wide format printing capabilities – to broaden your offerings into custom wallcovering printing. The features they love about their UV printer (the speed, the shorter run or single project flexibility, the bright, crisp color options) can help you provide highly customized wallcoverings that will dazzle your customers.

A snapshot of the wallcovering trends…

House Beautiful: waves, retro inspiration, a wallpaper “in unexpected places” mentality.

Good Housekeeping: textures, whimsical looks, florals

Houzz: maximalism, layering, bold colors

TVF offers three base wallcoverings in installer-friendly 55″ and 57″-widths that each bring a different texture to the mix, so your trend-savvy customers need only bring their design inspiration and imagination and you can help facilitate the rest.

6.5 oz. Polyester Biscayne Wallcovering – simulate that crepe look with 100% PET polyester Biscayne Wallcovering.

6.5 oz. Polyester Bryce Wallcovering – for a linen look and weave, TVF offers our 100% polyester Bryce Wallcovering.

6.0 oz. Polyester Rainier Wallcovering – the timeless look of silk on your walls with 100% polyester Rainier Wallcovering.