Why Buy ‘Made in USA?’

Mar 7, 2023 | News

Maybe it’s logistical concerns? Maybe it’s customer demand? Whatever the reason, you might be considering “Made in USA” textiles. A few things to think about:

  1. Some research suggests industrial buyers and consumers say they’ll pay more. A study conducted in 2020 by the nonprofit Reshoring Institute (which “provide[s] information, research, and support for companies trying to ‘Reshore’ or bring manufacturing and services back to America”) showed that close to 70% of respondents prefer “American-made products” and more than 80% said they would pay premium prices for domestically-made goods.
  2. The price gap may not be what you think it is. With Made in USA fabric, some freight costs, shipping lag times, and even the effects of tariffs could be taken out of the equation.
  3. A 2018 U.S. International Trade Commission Office of Industries working paper from research employees of the office suggests goods produced in the U.S. benefit from access to high-quality, competitively-priced cotton and even better energy prices.
  4. Increased sourcing and production costs are the top concern for fashion apparel makers. The ninth-annual Fashion Industry Benchmarking Study, released in July 2022, also suggests fashion companies are looking toward diversifying their textile development strategies. Could products made closer to home could be a solution?

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