TVF Fulfillment Expands and Evolves

Jun 23, 2021 | News

TVF has experienced significant growth since becoming an ESOP in 2010, and with that growth our fulfillment centers have expanded and evolved.

Where are we located and why does it matter?

One thing that sets TVF apart from our competitors is our multiple fulfillment center locations. With fulfillment centers in the Midwest (Lebanon, IN) and on the West Coast (Carson, CA), we have the ability to make the best strategic decision for our customers when it comes to logistics and shipping.

How have we expanded and evolved?

TVF has recently transitioned both fulfillment locations to a new warehouse management system (WMS). Our new automation and scanning WMS provides us with real time information about stock and inventory resulting in faster lead times for our customers. Due to an increase in efficiency and productivity, our operational offerings have improved and expanded. We are now able to offer slitting capabilities, re-rolling, and fabric inspections.

Our Team

Technology updates make a major impact, but it is TVF’s people that make the biggest difference. Our fulfillment team members are among some of our most dedicated employee owners. To highlight a few, Debby McClellan, TVF’s Operations Manager for our Carson location, plays an instrumental role in keeping the team organized and on task. Debby is one of our most tenured employee owners who has been with TVF for 19 years. Working out of our Lebanon location is Michael Rich, Fulfillment Associate and Outbound Lead. Michael was recently recognized as the 2021 Indiana Employee Owner of the Year for the Indiana Chapter of the ESOP Association. It is no coincidence that Michael received this honor. Learn more about it here.