Top Value Fabrics is Now TVF

Sep 6, 2020 | News

Here at TVF, we take pride that our service and expertise go unmatched in the fabric industry.

Because of this, our name and logo have become easily recognizable to many. While you won’t be seeing the name Top Value Fabrics anymore, we’re excited to show you what’s next for TVF, along with why we’ve decided to rebrand with a new name and identity.

Getting Started

Over a year ago, we underwent an extensive discovery process and learned how we were perceived both internally and externally with an employee survey, focus groups, an audit of our existing brand materials, 1-on-1 interviews with clients, and an analysis of leading competitors. The results were illuminating and drove the decisions for every aspect of our new brand.

What’s in a Name? 

Thanks to this research, we decided that rebranding would help promote our business in a better light. Since our founding in 1974, we have always worked to provide value with high-quality fabrics and service to make sure our customers were fully satisfied with their experience. Still, the word value is often used to describe discount products. The reality is that our products run a broad spectrum from high end to more economical, and we wanted our brand update to reflect everything we have to offer and also ensure that an excellent customer experience was felt throughout the entire journey. Our team also wanted to make sure that we didn’t steer too far from our heritage, which is a significant part of our culture. Together with our employee-owners, we decided to shorten our name to TVF and moved forward with bringing our vision to life.

A New Vision

The interwoven threads of our logo’s new mark represent our products and services woven together to create success for our customers. It’s also a great reminder of how we cherish the tight-knit community here at TVF with our employee ownership culture.

Fabric. Expertise. Delivered.

The integrated tagline communicates what TVF provides our customers. Fabric. Expertise. Delivered. Fabric is the TVF product, and expertise is our key differentiator. The word ‘delivered’ has a dual meaning, which we highlight with an accented color. It’s our assurance that TVF will deliver the goods on time but will also deliver on great products, expertise, and customer satisfaction.

What now? 

Now, we continue with our mission on delivering satisfaction to our customers, driving our employee-owned culture forward, and sourcing the very best in fabric and materials. If you aren’t yet a part of the TVF community, we would love for you to reach out at 1.855.618.4500 so we can make your fabric needs a better experience for your business.