Ross B.

Thank you so much for checking! In a world of chaotic supply chains, TVF continues to shine in your service and reliability. It is most appreciated.

Andy P.

Both Julie and TVF were amazing to deal with. We deal with a multitude of venders and you guys are at the top in proficiency. Thanks for making this so easy!

Debra F.

We have been buying 200 D forest from a competitor for a custom order for the past 10 years. The cutting manager has always said that this item is $2/yard, so I would consistently order 500 yards. On my most recent order, I was only shipped 275 yards. This confused me since I always order 500 yards. When I inquired about the lack of yardage, the cutting manager told me that “This material is so good and it has no defects, so we are able to send less yardage.” Had I known that we were ordering double yardage to account for material defects for the past 10 years, I would have switched to TVF years ago! Thank you for having the best quality material. TVF definitely reduced the overall manufacturing cost of our bags!

Pam S.

**SERVICE**SERVICE**SERVICE** The Great Service that we receive from Robert T. Hinsch & Debby McClellan & Team make me feel like part of the Top Value family. **LOYALTY**HONESTY**INNOVATION**

Brad T.

I put in my first order yesterday and Katie couldn’t have been more helpful. I only wish I had placed my previous vinyl order with her as the experience between your Top Value and one of your competitors was the definition of night and day. Katie ensured me the delivery would be out today and the order I did 3 weeks ago with your competitor just shipped yesterday and was an incomplete shipment. Plan on hearing from me again and again in the future!

Nick R.

Erica, I just want to say thank you for the excellent job you do as our rep. You are always available when we need you, work with us on our material needs and are always quick with a joke. By far our favorite sales rep.

Shawn H.

Top Value is my first stop for nylon and heavy vinyl fabrics. The customer service is excellent as well as competitive pricing, quick turnaround times with mistake free shipping.

John M.

We’ve been buying fabric from you guys for several years now and I wanted to take the time to say a couple words about Shelly. We’ve recently had to switch numerous companies because of incompetent customer service and screwed up orders, costing us time and money. As we were lamenting this one day, we started talking about Shelly and how she has been amazing since we started with you guys. Her responses to our orders are always extremely prompt and we get our material really quickly. It has been awesome being able to work with her because we know that we can count on her to get us the stuff we need and in a reasonable time frame. And thinking back on it, I can’t remember a time when she has ever even made a mistake in the 3 years we’ve been with you guys. She’s even caught some that I’ve made! Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate her work and her friendliness. You’ve got a good employee working for you there!! Thanks again for your consistently dependable service.

Tom H.

In 2003 after 6 months of conversation with Jim Prestipino, salesman for TVF, we placed our first order. The past 8+ years, we have depended upon Jim and Top Value for all of our solid color Nylons and polyester fabrics. Price, quality and delivery are essential and all goods arrive as represented. We have not monitored roll quantities for several years on all of the TVF as we found it to be a waste of time. We really believe Jim has and continues to go above and beyond to find the proper materials for the customer. This is why we turn our requirements over to Mr. Prestipino.

Rebecka H.

I appreciate the customer service and length everyone at Top Value goes to ensure the quality and timeliness of our orders. So thank you for that!

Nancy B.

I just wanted to say that my rep, Kevin Blake, in Seattle certainly does live the ‘vision’ for Top Value. He always takes the time to find out what my customer needs and explains to me the performance of each fabric they are considering. Thank you so much for having him on your team.

Ken W.

I LOVE Erica. The thing I like the most is how hard she works for me. She is always more than willing to go the extra mile to do anything she can to make me happy.

Chris B.

Shelly, Thank you for another great year of working with you! You are always such a pleasure to do business with! I am looking forward to another year for all of us to work smarter, not harder!

Randy C.

Robert, You earned our business by demonstrating responsiveness to our requests, flexibility, on time delivery, keeping commitments, quality and yes price too. Hope you share this with your team. Thank you

Sam D.

I have worked with TVF for approximately 20 years. The fact that TVF stands behind the quality of their products and the excellent service that my company has received over the years has made me a loyal customer.

Karl D.

Shelly, thank you so much for all your help over the years. We have been buying fabric from you for 5 years now and quality, price, and service have been excellent. TVF really is Top Value. Some things I really appreciate are the lab test sheets for fabrics that you sell, quick turnaround on orders, and your willingness to look into little things for us. Thanks again.

Lori M.

As a production manager, I rely on a dependable, conscientious textile company, Top Value fills all my fabric needs at a great price.

Rosetta S.

Hello Shelly, I want to thank you and your company for the promptness in processing and sending orders. I received my roll of canvas 2 days after my order was placed. Thank you for your loyal service!

Mark S.

I use TVF as the sole provider of my fabric, because they provide me with high quality product and prompt service.

Mark E.

Erica, I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I enjoy you being our rep. You’ve quickly grasped the needs of our business when it comes to fabric, which no other company or their reps have taken the time to do. You’re consistently in touch with us and while we aren’t your biggest client, you treat us like we are and we will keep moving our fabric needs over to you…Again, thank you for everything!

Leo P.

We have been dealing with TVF for well over 25 years. We have found your company to be honorable and a good company to work with. Our sales rep is well informed, hard workng, and an asset to your organization. He has been able to find fabrics for us when no one else could.