Top 8 Uses for Kenai Vegan Leather

Apr 10, 2023 | News

Ripped from the pages of Vogue, showcased on the floors of fine furniture stores, and dangling on the arms of the most fashionable among us, vegan leather (or faux leather) is as trendy as it is versatile. Putting vegan leather to work for apparel and home décor uses is only limited by your imagination and the latest whims of tastemakers. TVF offers our Kenai Vegan Leather. Its look and feels leather-like and its utility – which includes being inherently water resistant – is undeniable.

Here are 8 top uses for TVF’s Kenai Vegan Leather:

Barstool covers

Clearly, Kenai Vegan Leather is a true crossover with its range of apparel and home décor uses… a claim not all textiles can make. Another advantage? The 9.1 oz. material is highly printable, but the white and champagne color options are also fashionable and eye-catching on their own.

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