Three Popular Ripstops for High-Performing Bags and More

Mar 8, 2024 | News

The perfect ripstop fabric for your bag, case, or other application often requires threading a needle of sorts. The right amount of tensile strength, ideal weight, water repellency, repetitive-use capabilities, even the aesthetics of the ripstop pattern all play some part in the decision on which fabric to select for your next line. Let’s explore three of TVF’s most popular ripstop offerings that are ideal for end-uses ranging from windbreakers to medical aprons to tarps to bags, cases, and beyond.

Our 70 Denier Coated Nylon Ripstop is a lightweight option that packs an all-weather punch. Great for windbreakers, apparel used in inclement weather situations, and for outdoor equipment covers, this 1.36 oz. nylon ripstop is also used for bag liners, banners, and flags.

The Nylon/Polyester Mini Diamond Ripstop from TVF features an unmistakable look and texture to give luggage, bags, medical aprons, and custom cases the right aesthetic for your end-uses, while the unique construction and pattern of the 400 x 300 denier fabric provides heavy-duty tensile strength and toughness.

TVF’s 200 Denier Nylon Double Wall Ripstop is exceptionally strong and resilient. Its strength-enhancing, double-wall construction and its ripstop threads that run the textile’s length and width give it the ability to stand up to harsh conditions that tarps, temporary awnings, and bags and cases face.

All three fabrics include a durable water repellent finish and are urethane coated. Need the perfect ripstop for your industrial, bag, tough weather gear, or medical apron use? Connect with our experienced Sales Team.