Lightweight Print Media Textiles in Every Category

Feb 26, 2024 | News

TVF’s Print Media fabric selection is massive. A great thing for helping you with your next run, whether you’re a commercial printer, a sign and graphics company, a print service provider, a little of all, or if you take a different printing pathway. If you’re just finding out about us or you’re thinking about expanding your print media portfolio, here is a snapshot of eight lightweight, dye sublimation paper transfer (dye sub) printing compatible fabrics in different categories to illuminate additional possibilities:

TVF’s Deko-Tex Premium Lightbox 7019NLUXX is a 4.8 oz. lightbox fabric that’s also great for backlit applications, SEG framing systems, point of purchase (POP), trade show and retail displays, and more. Its versatility extends to print compatibility, as Deko-Tex Premium Lightbox can be printed via dye sublimation paper transfer, but can also be printed with direct disperse, latex, and UV inks.

Our NEW 8.0 oz. Deko-Tex Blockout Midnight Pro 7034BBFS is available in widths of up to five meters and features a black blockout reverse side. This 100% polyester knit is made in Germany by Georg+Otto Friedrich, who have established themselves as leaders in the textile industry due to their unwavering commitment to quality. This blockout fabric is engineered for SEG framing systems and trade show exhibit applications. Deko-Tex Blockout Midnight Pro is readily compatible with dye sublimation paper transfer printing and is also well-suited for printing with direct disperse, latex, and UV inks.

Whether it’s used for SEG frame systems, tension fabric structures, retail displays, trade show graphics, or pop-up displays, 5.2 oz. TVF Stretch Lite DSP is the definition of stretch performance. When dimensional stretch reliability and consistency counts, this lightweight polyester knit with a soft hand will produce stunning results with dye sub printing.

Printable on the front. Printable on the back. TVF’s 4.68 oz. Deko-Tex 7689WGFS has printable satin and matte sides for banners, tablecloths, frame systems, trade show graphics, retail, point of purchase (POP) displays, and more. Deko-Tex 7689WGFS is compatible with dye sublimation paper transfer printers as well as printing with direct disperse inks.

Achieve a satin-like sheen on a 100% polyester knit with our 3.7 oz. Satinette 6669PGFS. This direct disperse and dye sublimation paper transfer compatible fabric is designed for banners, SEG frame systems, POP, trade show exhibits, retractables, retail displays, and fine art.

Dye sub and direct disperse printable, 3.2 oz. Jet Flag 6144GS from TVF is not only a standout for flags, but also POP, window treatments, and trade show exhibits for its unmatched print-through capabilities.

Available in five-meter-widths and considered the worldwide standard for flag fabric, 3.2 oz Flag 6043KFL is great for flags, POP, window treatments, and trade show exhibits. This fabric comes in optic white for great dye sub and direct disperse printability.

Open knit lets the air flow. Our 3.4 oz. Pes-Mesh 6953GS is designed for exceptional print quality and a dynamic slate of uses: flags, fencing, and building wraps. Pes-Mesh is designed to be compatible with dye sub and direct disperse printing.