Introducing PRISM™

Jan 30, 2023 | News

TVF’s all-new Prism™ is a 100% polyester woven fabric engineered for bold, brilliant digital printing. While lightbox applications are Prism’s primary purpose, this easy-handling, bright white material can also be used for display frames, pop-up advertising displays, banners, and more. Prism™ is highly versatile for frontlit or backlit and its excellent print surface, three-meter-width and five-meter-width, and no-fraying construction will make it a workhorse option for print shops.

“Prism will really resonate in the print media market,” says TVF Vice President of Sales of Print Media Jeff Nonte. “We are seeing high demand for a printable woven fabric for lightbox uses in applications from trade shows to retail and beyond. Not all backlit fabrics are available in a three-meter and a five-meter format like Prism™, so we see it really hitting a sweet spot for our customers.”

Additional features of Prism™ include: light diffusion coating, flame retardant, and UV printing compatibility. Reach out to TVF and request a sample.