Choosing the ‘greener’ option just got easier

Apr 20, 2021 | News

In the month of April, Earth Day serves as a reminder to be conscious of how we all can live a more sustainable lifestyle.  At TVF, we recognize the importance of forward-thinking and offering fabric options with environmentally friendly features.
In 2020, TVF introduced a line of REPREVE recycled fabrics for apparel.  REPREVE is made by Unifi, a leading global textile solutions company, and their goal is to transform recycled bottles into fiber that becomes reliable, durable fabric.  This process embeds comfort properties like wicking, adaptive warming and cooling, water repellency, and more.  “At TVF we’re always striving for the best, so in our selection for earth-friendly recycled performance fabric we chose REPREVE fiber by UNIFI,” shares Ken Siecinski, TVF Apparel Manager.  “We had other choices, but knowing REPREVE is the world’s number one brand and UNIFI’s reliability, it was an easy and smart choice.  The support of the UNIFI teams with technological solutions and promoting of the Repreve fiber is a big win for TVF and our customers.”
Some of TVF’s best-selling apparel fabric- like our 92/8 Polyester/Spandex Soft Microfiber- are now offered with REPREVE polyester.  “It’s exciting to be able to offer products that not only perform, but are sustainable as well,” said Samantha Marion, Sales Director of Apparel and Home Décor at TVF.  Choosing the ‘greener’ option just got easier.
In 2019, TVF launched Deko-Green, a fabric manufactured utilizing 100% filament yarns from recycled plastic bottles.  Our award-winning Deko-Green is an environmentally friendly warp knit fabric created from 100% recycled PET (soda bottles) filament. This fabric uses 100% recycled polyester, which provides the same flawless quality of print and vibrancy of color rivaling the best of our premium fabrics.
Our team at TVF takes corporate social responsibility and sustainability as a focused initiative. From our sustainable manufacturing partners such as Georg + Otto Friedrich to our continued search to find the best eco-friendly fabrics for all our customer needs.