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CoverMes Discovers TVF SunMaster® Fabric

CoverMes Discovers TVF SunMaster® Fabric


The quest for the fabric – THE fabric – that checks all the boxes could take a while without the right guidance. Especially when you’re trying to impart quality into a product where quality hasn’t always been the number one consideration.

“We searched all over the world, really, for fabric,” says CoverMes Co-Founder and President Tim Howe. “We’re dedicated to being a U.S.-based manufacturer and after, I would say, 18 months? Twenty-four months? Maybe even longer, we finally found TVF.” Through samples and more product testing, SunMaster™ was selected for the durable and stylish covers he produces and sells.

The Connecticut-based company, built from the brainchild furniture cover solution of Founder and Chief Executive Officer Molly Sullivan Howe, makes custom outdoor furniture covers designed to be deployed with ease, offer exceptional protection with a precise fit, and be stored neatly and swiftly. With so many considerations, it’s a tall order for any fabric. The exacting product demands of a customizable offering are only part of the equation: Tim describes furniture cover offerings available on the market today as “fragrant,” made from cheap materials, and “just plain awful,” so he and Molly set out to change that.

 “Of all the fabrics we’ve been able to research, the TVF SunMaster™ is perfect for this application.”

CoverMes started working with TVF in 2020 under the recommendation of their manufacturer. In addition to outdoor coverings, CoverMes has diversified into making covers for a wider range of applications: indoor furniture, hotel service carts, and more. Poolside, however, is where CoverMes really shines, allowing the covers to be stored in a bag on the back of chairs or chaises and flipped over to protect the furniture and towels underneath when it rains. Once the precipitation passes, hotel customers can quickly return to their revelry, relaxation, and running up their bar tabs.

Tim says water-resistant SunMaster™ is ideal, because “it’s good-looking and it doesn’t fade in the sun as much as other fabrics. It’s durable, and we’ve had a great experience in working with TVF.” The nature of the business calls for high-quality materials in a range of colors and a quick turnaround for its customers – often owners of large estates, commercial properties, or hotels in luxurious zip codes – and TVF has become the textile partner of choice for Molly and Tim.

SunMaster™, available through TVF, is a 600-denier, solution-dyed polyester that is urethane coated with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish. In addition to furniture covers, SunMaster™ is great for boat covers, canopies and awnings, patio umbrellas, outdoor seating and pillows, and horse blankets. It features an antimicrobial finish and has a 5-year limited warranty.

Contact us to learn more about SunMaster™ from a TVF team member or to request a sample.