The 5 Best Uses for Waterproof Breathable Fabrics

Mar 25, 2016 | News

With the growing popularity of waterproof breathable fabrics, we are often asked questions such as, "What are the best uses for waterproof breathable fabrics?" and "Do I need to use waterproof breathable fabrics?"

While we always enjoy discussing the ins and outs of fabric solutions, we also wanted to provide a brief guide to help those who are interested in doing some research before they call to connect with us. First, let's talk about the 5 Best Uses for Waterproof Breathable Fabrics, in no particular order:

  1. Sailing Apparel for Inclement Weather
  2. Jackets for Kayakers
  3. Police Jackets and Pants
  4. Outerwear for Winter Sports
  5. Jackets for Coaches
  6. Bonus: Countless other applications when waterproofness and comfort provide an advantage for the wearer.

While these are the best uses we have seen based on our customers' customers voting with their dollars, the fact is that our customers dream up new uses for our fabrics every day. Hopefully this list of the best applications we have seen helps you to identify uses that are relevant to your market opportunities and that inspire new opportunities too.

Next, we'll answer the question of whether you need waterproof breathable fabrics. If you are determined to sell apparel for markets where inclement weather is expected then you should seriously consider using a waterproof breathable fabric for an outer shell in order for your products to be competitive in the market. These fabrics are specifically engineered to protect the wearer from wet conditions while allowing perspiration to escape for an active, comfortable wear. Of course, those who design apparel and gear know that the fabric is only one (important) part of the solution and the design of the product is incredibly important too. If you need terrific fabric, and the advice and outstanding customer service we provide along with it, give us a call as we're happy to help. If you're seeking a partner to produce your quality garments or gear, we enjoy referring our connections too as we have several customers who do a fantastic job of producing contract products at their cut and sew facilities. Additionally we can help with sources for tape and equipment for seam sealing. Samples of our waterproof breathable fabrics and fabrics representing our entire collection are readily available, so contact us today to move forward with your next project!