TVF’s Women in Print

Aug 19, 2021 | News

TVF recognizes our Women in Print for their significant contribution to our company and customers in the print industry. Our Women in Print are as follows: Samantha Marion, Sales Director of Apparel and Home Décor (9 years), Ashley Pires, Sales Consultant (8 years), Sarah Munoz, sales consultant (6 years), Lissette Mota, Customer Support Specialist (4 years), and Emily Kleinhans, Product Marketing Manager for Apparel and Home Decor (2 years). According to Jeff Swedberg, Vice President of Customer Experience, “This team of outstanding employees works tirelessly to build meaningful relationships and find the best solutions possible.  They play an integral role to the continued success of TVF and our customers.”

Although it has been a challenging year- working remotely and finding a new rhythm- the enthusiasm stays high with this group.  “The best part of my day is working closely with TVF’s customers and collaborating as a team,” shares Samantha Marion. “I am proud that we (TVF) are 100% employee-owned. I believe this gives our entire team a significant edge working together to achieve our goals. It’s exciting to tackle the challenges of this constantly evolving industry and to stay on top of trends in technology and design.” Ashley Pires goes on to say “I enjoy working with TVF because the company values family, hard work, and provides an excellent work-life balance. The TVF leadership team is approachable, supportive, and our culture is fun and rewarding. Helping our customers succeed gives me great joy. Because of this, I look forward to going to work every day.”

The enthusiasm that occurs internally at TVF has a positive impact on interactions with customers.  Munoz indicates her appreciation of “working with customers who feel a sense of pride at the completion of each project.” Mota, who interacts with customers daily to ensure their orders and needs are taken care of, follows up by stating “I enjoy making our customer’s purchasing experience easier and satisfying by providing the best customer service possible.” When asked about their roles within the TVF team, Kleinhans states, “There’s something special about working alongside my fellow employee-owners. We are all driven toward the same goal: helping our customers. We consistently adapt to the ever-changing print industry and the needs of our customers.”

TVF’s Women in Print all share excitement to work alongside one another in the booth in Orlando at the Printing United Expo.  For the first time in over a year the west coast team and east coast team will reunite in person.  “It’s not only an exciting time for the rest of the world, but for us personally to reconnect with each other and our customers – no amount of screen time can replace that!” says Kleinhans.  Stop by Booth 3462 to meet some of these women and other TVF team members who look forward to helping you with your next project.