Tough is an Understatement: A Deeper Look at 32 oz. and 40 oz. Vinyl

Nov 6, 2023 | News

While 32 oz. Vinyl Coated Polyester (VCP) and 40 oz. Vinyl Coated Polyester are most well-known for dock seals, these industrial stalwarts are also known for multiple outdoor uses like shelters and tarps, and in fields such as automotive and airline. Customers have even bought 40 oz. VCP for manufacturing heavy duty dog beds.

The weights of the two choices are an obvious difference, but one key characteristic varies between 32 oz. and 40 oz. VCP. The 40 oz. VCP TVF delivers includes a flame retardant coating that meets NFPA 701 certification requirements. Both options are mildew resistant, UV inhibiting, and water resistant.

Think your specific use needs the strength, matte finish, or weight of 32 oz. or 40 oz. VCP? Connect with a member of the TVF Sales Team.