The Future is Green with TVF

Mar 12, 2022 | News

TVF recognizes the importance of a sustainable future and thus, offers fabric options with environmentally friendly features and certifications. Below are a few ways we’re putting our initiatives into action to help you make greener choices, too.

GOTS Certified Fabric
GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard, a voluntary initiative establishing strict controls throughout the supply chain process for both ecological and labor conditions in textile manufacturing using organically produced raw materials. TVF’s Organic Cotton Interlock and Organic Sateen are exciting additions to the home décor and apparel lines, both of which are GOTS certified. With our Organic Cotton Interlock, you can create items for kids that are soft and gentle enough for clothing, wraps, and more.

OEKO-TEX Certification
TVF’s award-winning polyester Glacier fabric, polyester linen, and Olympic heavy linen are a few home décor fabrics that have been OEKO-TEX certified. When a fabric goes through the process of OEKO-TEX certification, it has tested free of a variety of harmful levels of toxic substances. These OEKO-TEX certified fabrics are thoughtfully made so that they are safe for people, and the planet.

Recycled Fabric
TVF has created many fabrics made of recycled material, including our Deko-Green print media textile, and our recycled silky chiffon. One of our most recent efforts to provide greener fabric is our introduction of REPREVE® Recycled Polyester fabric. REPREVE® is the leading, branded performance fiber made from recycled materials. Put plastic bottles to work with the help of TVF’s REPREVE® fabric to make t-shirts, leggings, and more!

TVF takes corporate social responsibility and sustainability seriously. We stay on the cutting edge of technology, and work with partners proactively to bring the best sustainable solutions to our customers.