IFAI’s Specialty Fabrics Showcase – Part 2

May 15, 2015 | News

The May issue of IFAI's Specialty Fabrics Review includes part 2 of the magazine's annual Specialty Fabrics Showcase. We're honored that four of our new fabrics have been chosen for this showcase of innovative products. Read on for more information about these fabrics, and request details and a sample through your Sales Consultant or by contacting us at 855.618.4500.

Polyester Scuba

A REV scuba paintball iStock 000000099832XSmall

Polyester Scuba is a mid-weight circular knit fabric that is a popular choice when great stretch and recovery along with durability and wrinkle resistance are important. Common applications of our Polyester Scuba fabric include baseball pants, jerseys, sporting goods and team apparel for a wide range of sports. TVF offers two related scuba fabrics, 5.7 oz. and 6 oz. Our 5.7 oz. scuba is available in a variety of colors, while our slightly heavier 6 oz. scuba is available in white and is excellent for dye sublimation printing. The 6 oz. scuba is a higher-end fabric that has increased abrasion-resistance and pill-resistance.

Tri Poly

Our Tri Poly is a woven, backlit polyester fabric that is uncoated, FR, and resists wrinkles. This media is printed for both frontlit and backlit advertising and displays. Common applications of this bright white polyester fabric include backlit display frames, banners, retail POP displays, theatrical displays, interior decor and tradeshow graphics.
Tri Poly is part of our media collection that is engineered specifically for printers who demand high performance textiles for dye sub transfer production.

Triple White

Triple White Dye Sub Performance Textile web res

Triple White is a triple-layered fabric that is engineered to block images from the print surface and to prevent image washout due to lighting behind the sign. This beautiful dye sublimation transfer fabric is ideal for blockout applications and for upscale frontlit displays. Triple White is printed for applications including retail POP displays, banners, retractable banner stands, backlit display frames, theatrical displays and tradeshow graphics.

Ultra White Blockout

Ultra White Blockout Dye Sub Performance Textile web res

Ultra White Blockout is a double-sided bright white fabric that is engineered with a black blockout layer in the center for beautiful imagery and excellence in double-sided graphics. This award-winning media is manufactured with three layers to ensure opacity for applications that require blockout. Printing with a blockout fabric that is constructed with a deep black blockout layer yields results that are far superior to the gray blockout layer that is the industry standard.