IFAI’s Specialty Fabrics Showcase – Part 1

May 15, 2015 | News

The latest issue of IFAI’s Specialty Fabrics Review includes Part 1 of the magazine’s annual showcase. Specialty Fabrics Review describes the reason for this feature: “As indicated by the State of the Industry report provided in the February and March issues of the Review, the global specialty fabrics market is growing, encouraging fabric manufacturers to continue their development of problem-solving products that perform.”

As the specialty fabrics market is growing, we’re proud to offer two new products that raise the market standard and help meet the need for abrasion resistant fabrics. Two products from TVF were included in IFAI’s special feature, Mega Grip™ and Mega Grip II™.

These non-skid fabrics are recommended for sewing or welding a variety of durable products. Mega Grip™ features a diamond embossed pattern and is best for applications that have flexibility or require stretch. Mega Grip II™ has an asphalt pattern and was developed for applications with a firm surface. Applications include medical supplies, sporting goods, dog booties, shoulder straps, glove palms and luggage. Learn more here and request your sample today:https://www.tvfinc.com/product-category/slip-resistant/