32 oz., 35oz., 38oz., and 40oz. Vinyl Coated Polyester


TVF offers heavyweight vinyl coated polyester fabrics for a variety of durable uses. Fabrics from this heavy duty line are commonly used for dock seals and shelters, as outdoor vinyl fabrics, and are used in a number of industries from airline to automotive.

Our tough, heat sealable vinyl coated polyester fabrics are stocked from 32 oz. to 40 oz. Our vinyl coated polyester is also available in FR.

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Width 61″
Weight 32.5 OZ/SQ, 35.5 OZ/SQ, 38.5 OZ/SQ, and 40.5 OZ/SQ.
Category Coated
Finish Mildew and UV Resistant, Matte Finish, FR available
Roll Size / Minimum Order Available in 50-103 Yards, Varies by Weight