Display Fabric

Product Features
Matte Finish3
OEKO-TEX Certified11
Polyester Knit13
Product of the Year2
REACH Certified15
Recycled Polyester1
Water Resistant1
Woven Polyester2
Color Family
Fabric Type
Polyester Fabric23
Vinyl Fabric2
Adhesive with Liner1
Dye Sub Performance4
Flame Retardant23
Latex Performance2
Matte Finish3
NFPA 70122
OEKO-TEX Compliant11
ROHS & REACH Compliant15
Printer Compatibility
Direct Disperse Printer15
Dye Sublimation Paper Transfer19
Eco-Solvent Printer3
Latex Durable Textile2
Latex Printer14
Screen Print2
UV Printer15
Fabric Width
up to 122"5
up to 124"1
up to 126"13
up to 199"3
up to 54"1
up to 60"2

We Know Display Fabric

TVF is a leading supplier of display fabric. Explore high-quality polyester and cotton display fabrics in an array of texture options with matte and lustrous finishes for indoor and outdoor print media applications. We carry smooth, flame-retardant polyester display fabrics with color-enhancing coatings for latex ink compatibility. Knitted canvas display fabrics are UV-resistant and strong, perfect for long-lasting window displays and sporting event banners. Contact us today to learn more about the display fabric solutions we can provide for you.