Prints and Patterns That Pop for Home Décor

Jul 15, 2023 | News

Building out a trend-aware line of home décor furniture, accessories, accent, window treatments, and more means maintaining a high level of production responsiveness. One way of increasing that ability to be nimble with market needs is by printing designs and patterns on the textiles you work with. Some fabrics – like the selections we’ll feature here – can be turned into an array of end uses that look brilliant with digital printing.

Our 8 oz. Minky Deluxe is an extraordinarily plush, long-fibered polyester fabric on one side with a great feel that exudes comfort. Its results from dye sublimation paper transfer printing are exceptional. Customers most commonly use it for blankets and throws, but its versatile enough for plush baby toys, children’s clothes, pillows, jacket liners, scarves, hats, baby booties, and even pet products. Let your imagination run wild.

With a brushed texture on both sides, our 6.6 oz. Double Face Fleece is soft, cozy, and versatile while providing sharp print results on either side. It’s midweight and will provide the pallet for a nice color gamut for high quality images with dye sub printing. Double Face Fleece is perfect for blankets, throws, and robes, and it makes a good crafting fabric. It’s pleasantly bulky and fluffy, but not heavy, so it’s also in play for loungewear, robes, and cool weather apparel.

TVF’s 9.4 oz. Heavy Polyester Linen is an answer to those wrinkle-prone, natural fiber linens and it provides exceptional printability for home décor uses like upholstery, draperies, pillows, placemats, and tablecloths. This 100% polyester textile looks like natural linen and comes in a non-optic white color that will help prints blend with the vibes of the room’s décor. Heavy Polylinen is heavy duty (passes 100,000 cycles on the Wyzenbeek test), features a stain and soil release finish, and it can be customized by furniture designers through digital printability.

The natural pebble color and flaxen look of our 9.4 oz. Polyester Yosemite adds a unique elegance to a space’s design aesthetic. This textile, which is ideal for drapes, tablecloths and linens, upholstery, and curtains, serves as a gorgeous palette for dye sub printing inks. Yosemite includes a stain and soil release finish, and the resulting look is unique and something designers can get into.

Craving a printable fabric for your home décor line? We have answers.