Specialty Fabrics Review Feature:
Performance Driven

Jan 8, 2014 | News

January’s issue of Specialty Fabrics Review includes a feature article, “Performance Driven.”

Ken Siecinski, our Activewear/Outerwear Manager, participated in this article that discusses innovation and technological advancements in activewear fabrics, among other industry topics. As TVF offers a tremendous variety of dye sublimation fabrics, Ken also explains more about the dye sub market in this article. A sneak peek from “Performance Driven” in January’s Specialty Fabrics Review is included below:

“The dye sublimation market has been a boost to the American textile industry, particularly for the graphics-minded sports and activewear manufacturers,” Siecinski says. From youth sports leagues and local sports clubs to charity events and professional sports teams sponsorships, there are multiple opportunities for dye-sub printing of the team name or logo on T-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts and other items.

“Often the deal breaker in dye sublimation is the quality, communication and quick turnaround,” he says. “All of this can be accomplished best here in the States and with consumers’ awareness for the “Made in America” label getting stronger, these factors are attributing to the increase of manufacturing in the U.S.”

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