‘Made in USA’ What Does it Even Mean?

Feb 6, 2023 | News

The “Made in USA” standard is specific and not something any fabric supplier, mill, or textile manufacturer can just throw around. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission prohibits “unfair or deceptive acts or practices” designed to prevent companies from misleading customers about a product’s country of origin. Textiles (as well as fur products and automobiles) are tasked with even more well-defined statutes, making the labeling a different beast…

The FTC’s direct definition offers excerpts including:

  1. “…a Made in USA label on most clothing and other textile or wool household products if the final product is manufactured in the U.S. of fabric that is manufactured in the U.S., regardless of where materials earlier in the manufacturing process (for example, the yarn and fiber) came from.”
  2. If the product is partially made domestically and partially made internationally, label must show that.
  3. Your end product has some considerations, too, as garments with and without necks are handled differently.

The long and short is: the lines may be blurry on how some indicate goods made in America, but TVF provides expertise to help cut through the noise and make your decision easier. Contact us today or peruse our site for Made in USA products.