Gracefully Lightweight + Print Media Performance: Meet Polyester Voile

Dec 21, 2023 | News

TVF introduces 1.5 oz. Polyester Voile 4035KFL, a new ultra-lightweight option for eye-catching trade show exhibits, 3D displays, and retail displays. Precision-formulated for dye sublimation paper transfer (dye sub) printing, Polyester Voile also delivers brilliant prints with direct disperse and UV printing technologies.

Made by Georg+Otto Friedrich in Germany, this 100% polyester provides exceptional transparency and a uniquely engineered mesh construction that helps logos, designs, and images pop from the surface with shockingly less weight than its graphically brilliant results would indicate.

TVF offers 1.5 oz. Polyester Voile 4035KFL in widths of up to five meters. Connect with our experienced, industry-connected Sales Consultants to elevate your print media offerings.