Exploring a More Sustainable Print Media Solution

Jul 18, 2023 | News

Sustainability efforts are all around us. If you’re in the print media textile world, you’ve seen everything from the print technology to inks to the supply chain to your equipment’s water usage adapt over time in the name of sustainability. On top of that – and perhaps most importantly –customer demand is sustainable options.

TVF is no stranger to working toward a more sustainable future (read about our continuing move to be PFAS-free) and one of our newest offerings, 5.2 oz. Eco Prism™, is a major step forward. Made from recycled polyester yarns, Eco Prism™ is a lightweight backlit fabric that performs like our wildly popular 5.2 oz. Prism™. Its light diffusion coating is formulated to eliminate hot spots and pinholes and provide a brilliant digital printing surface for eco-solvent, latex, and UV ink options. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another sustainable five-meter-wide backlit available in the North American market.

Delivered by TVF, Eco Prism™ is engineered for backlit images, graphics, and messaging to come to life on frame systems, lightbox applications, POP displays, and banners.

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