Dialing in the Definitions: What is Cold Crack?

Jan 16, 2023 | News

Delamination or separation from the scrim is an unfortunate sign of cold crack with vinyl coated polyester. Cold crack – the condition where vinyl is weakened and breaks due to cold temperatures – sounds serious and it is. But a little planning ahead and attention to detail before its end use can save your customer pain before they purchase.

Do your homework… not all vinyl coated or laminated polyester are designed to withstand the same level of frigid temperatures. TVF carries products that have been cold crack tested to be effective against temperatures as low as -40F.

Be knowledgeable… The TVF Resource Center has a serious amount of information on vinyl coated polyester and hordes of other details on industrial poly textiles. The Resource Center is free to use, and it is built on TVF’s nearly five decades of fabric knowledge.