Category Considerations: Industrial Fabric Edition

May 8, 2023 | News

When selecting the perfect industrial fabric for your specific application, the considerations are seemingly endless. Let’s begin down a pathway of what to keep in mind as you consider your fabric purchase.

After care… Will you be washing the fabric? Scrubbing? Power washing? Laundering? Thinking beyond what toll the elements will take on the material and focusing on the processes for care you will need to follow with the finished product will help you zero in on your best options.

Life span… How durable should it be? Will you ride it until it rips and buy more? Do you need it to be an eternal work horse? We carry hundreds of variations, so you are free to get very honest and very specific about your vision for the material.

End use… Another spot that will require a lot of vision for the “what ifs…” Will it experience temperature swings, will it need to be welded, glued, sewn, or affixed in another way? Will it ever have pressure points, or will wind or moisture affect it? We can run through the questions you have not pondered yet and guide you toward what nearly 50 years of experience say will work.

Additional options and services… Are there finishes or coatings you need? Does it need to be slit to a certain width? (We can handle slitting). The most common finishes we offer for fabrics include antimicrobials, UV inhibitors, fire retardancies, and water repellencies. The most common coatings are all water-soluble blends of acrylics and urethanes and include antimicrobial or fire retardancies blended into the coating. An acrylic “kiss” coat to help hold a fabric together during the manufacturing process can also be included.

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